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“A troubling portrait emerges, which is all the more interesting considering that first-time documentarian Craig Atkinson is the son of a police officer who served on a SWAT team for more than a decade.”

Stephanie Merry / The Washington Post

The New Yorker

"Do Not Resist" and the Crisis of Police Militarization

The Washington Post

'Do Not Resist': A chilling look at the normalization of warrior cops

Mother Jones

This New Film Shows Just How Far Police Militarization Has Gone

The Los Angeles Times

Review 'Do Not Resist' examines militarization of police


This Documentary Shows How Terrifying the Cops Military-Grade Weapons Are

The Intercept

"Do Not Resist": The Police Militarization Documentary Everyone Should See

The Guardian

Do Not Resist: New film shows how US police have become an occupying army

Chicago Tribune

'Do Not Resist' review: Timely documentary about U.S. law enforcement


'Do Not Resist' Documentary Puts Militarized Police Under Fire

The Boston Globe

What happens when police go the military route

Seattle Weekly

Even Without Narration, 'Do Not Resist' Speaks Volumes on Police Militarization

San Francisco Chronicle

No one is helped when police officers train for war

NBC News

Film 'Do Not Resist' Explores Effect of Bringing Tools of War Back Home

The Daily Beast

Is America Becoming a Police State? The Disturbing Questions of 'Do Not Resist'


6 Disturbing moments from a new film about the militarization of the police


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